Hockey players run a relatively high risk of concussions and serious brain injury, which is why it’s important to try on an array of hockey helmets before picking out the right one.

You need a helmet with a fit that feels like it was custom-designed for you and there are so many… Layers of foam, liquid bladders, and shock absorbent materials are vital, too.

Whether you play in the street or on the ice, whether you’re a youth hockey player or a well-seasoned senior, there is no reason you would have a problem finding a helmet to keep you safe.

Bauer Hockey Helmet

Bauer is another reputable brand in the field of hockey equipment. The Bauer IMS5.0 is a popular choice among players because of its versatility. Adult players appreciate the safety features of the helmet, including the integrated ear covers.

The helmet comes with either an open or closed visor, so you can choose the style that works best for you. Dual-dense foam and a dual-crowned design protect against impact. And if you’re not satisfied with the fit, just adjust the straps yourself without any tools.

This helmet also includes ventilation holes, keeping your ears nice and cool during those high-energy games. With Bauer, you’ll be able to handle the ball and skate up the ice, one on one, facing off against the goaltender.

CCM Hockey Helmets

CCM hockey helmet is one of the most popular brands of protective gear on the market today. It’s a great choice for those seeking instant adjustment, even while playing hockey outdoors.

The Fl60 is perfect for any player who desires instant comfort, no matter what the weather may bring. Plus, there are blisters full of cushioning fluid placed between your skull and the inner lining, providing additional safety. No doubt about it, the CCM hockey helmet is an excellent choice for protecting your noggin.

Warrior Hockey Helmets

There’s a lot of substance behind that design. Warrior helmets are designed with safety and player comfort in mind, but they aren’t able to completely prevent injuries caused by collisions.

With hard outer shells protecting the head, while technologically-advanced linings absorb shocks and disperse impacts, the Covert and Alpha lines feature Warrior’s Impac molded linings, which provide great protection in a lightweight, comfortable, and affordable design.

True Dynamic Hockey Helmets

It has been built with the MIPS technology, which makes it one of the most protective hockey helmets on the marketplace.

It can reduce head trauma by up to 90%. The MIPS system is an integrated, soft foam liner that absorbs energy during impact and redistributes forces through the entire shell. The system works by creating a low friction interface between the player’s head and the interior of the shell.

The True is one of the most advanced hockey helmets on the marketplace due to its state-of-the-art MIPS protection system, lightweight construction, and customizable fit options!


Your hockey helmet is the most essential part of your gear for playing hockey. It has to be high quality, not just something that your favorite pro uses.

You need to have something to protect yourself from injury when you play hockey. So make sure that the football helmets you buy are both protective and comfortable.