Hockey is one of the most popular wintertime activities. Fans love watching the game because they can get into the action right away. They also enjoy seeing the stars play against each other. Some people think that hockey is just an excuse to hit someone else with a stick, but others see it as a very exciting sport.

Either way, if you’re interested in hockey, then you’ll need the best hockey movies to keep us in the mood for when the season starts up again! Here are some of the greatest of all time:

The Mighty Ducks

his film had three different releases between the years 1992 to 1996 because it was so popular. Gordon Bombay plays the part of Emilio Estevez, the coach of the Ducks, in this film, and Josh Jackson plays one of the players on the Ducks’ roster as Estevez’s young apprentice, Charlie Ramsey (Estevez).

Estevez leads his Ducks to an unlikely victory against every opponent they face, despite not having any of these famous actors on the squad. This film has a lot of emotion, and it showcases how athletes can bond over the game.


Youngblood is a sports comedy starring Rob Lowe as Dean Youngblood, a farmer who moves to an urban area where he becomes involved in hockey. He meets two guys (Keanu Reeves and Patrick Sways) who introduce him to the game of hockey. They play a pivotal role in his life, helping him get into college and eventually become friends.


Is one of my favorite movies of all time, because it tells an inspiring story about how a group of underdogs can overcome adversity and win against seemingly unbeatable opponents.

I love the idea of a bunch of guys who were considered losers before they started playing together being able to defeat the Soviets, who had won every Olympic game ever played.

Warning: Be careful if your children are around. This movie contains a couple of sexe amateur scenes that you will enjoy, but which you will no doubt want to keep your children from seeing.

The movie also shows us what happens when people work hard and put everything they’ve got into something, no matter how unlikely it may seem.


This movie stars Paul Newman as a coach who is a little rusty but still does his best to get the team together to win hockey games for a franchise that is having a hard time surviving. The Hanson brothers are the asset players on the team that help bring the victories and keep the spirit of the franchise alive.

The Rocket

Is one of the best hockey films because it portrays a true tale of “The Rocket”, Maurice Richard, who is portrayed by Roy Dupuis (who also plays the role of Richard). In the film, we watch Richard’s life unfold as he makes his way into his teen years, playing for minor league hockey teams, and eventually becoming a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

Throughout his career, Richard is constantly bullied for being one of the only French players in an English League. In the film and in life, the riot known as the Richard Riot occurs, where fans fight to get him back on the ice after he is suspended during the playoffs. Richard wins 5 Stanley Cup rings with the Canadiens, cementing his place in history forever.


These hockey movies are great options for watching during your hockey seasons, or if you’re in the off-seasons, waiting for the next hockey year to begin. They will lift your spirits and remind you of why hockey is such an excellent sports activity for everyone.