Raising a little NHL star is no easy task, there are times of the year when you wake up in the early hours of the morning with phone calls for preparations, and the blankets start to be your official outwear are unmistakable signs that you are a Hockey mom!

Today we want to share with you some of the facts that very few people know behind a field hockey mom, so pay attention and be thankful for what these women do for you.

Forget About Weekend Breaks

After having children, most mothers wake up earlier than before they had them. They usually start waking up at 5 am for games and practices. Sleeping for long periods is something that is not going to happen anymore, be prepared!

Say Goodbye To Your Summer Holidays

Surely you may think that because it’s summer, the heat will make your little stars of tomorrow forget about their favorite sport and prefer to enjoy the beaches. However, this is not true, if your little one is looking to be a big NHL star they will definitely want to practice even during the summer vacations!

So instead of spending our summer days indoors playing video games, watching TV, or doing homework, we spend the day with them outdoors playing hockey.

You’re A Hockey Encyclopedia

Now you know more about field hockey than anything else, of course, you never imagined this possible but you probably already know how to tape the sticks like a pro and even the names of the players and teams in the league!

A Lot Of Your Money Goes To Hockey

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Having children in sports is not for the weak of heart or the frugal of pocket (especially when it comes to hockey).

You’re traveling all the time, you’re dealing with the logistics of getting them to games, practices, tournaments, you’ve got to pay for equipment, you’ve gotta buy new gear every year!

Is it really worth seeing your kid happy, passionate, and dedicated to something but if you can’t, then your kid should find another hobby.

Now You Will Only Feel The Cold

Once your child starts taking field hockey seriously, you’ll have to forget about wearing a single layer of clothing to watch him play. Now you’ll have to get used to the cold, in fact, you’ll never forget your sweater and gloves at home again. That’s a guarantee!

There Will Never Be Enough Food For Everyone

If you’ve got hockey stars in your home, you’ll understand what to do: stock your refrigerator and pantries as if they’re being fed by an insatiable pack of hungry hounds.

Honestly, you will always have a lot of food around, but it will never seem to be enough. They would eat constantly!


If you’re like most hockey moms, you have a lot going on. Whether you’re juggling work and family, trying to find time to exercise, or struggling to balance being a mom and a wife, you deserve to take a break sometimes. But when you do, don’t forget to enjoy it.

Take advantage of every moment you spend away from the rink because it might be your last. And remember: even though you may miss the action, you won’t miss the fun.